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Medical Chat

What is MediLine Workplace?

MediLine Workspace is a dedicated chat service developed for the secure exchange of information among essential workers involved in medical and nursing care. It is not necessary to centralize and visualize everything like a general-use SNS, but rather, users can participate from their standpoints in independent "workplaces," which are individual organizational units such as hospitals, medical offices, research groups, and academic societies, professional associations, and so on.

Unlimited number of users, the fixed fee system

Medical facilities with many new hires and retirements have been facing the problem that the conventional billing system based on the so-called "number of users x usage fee" model makes it difficult to set annual budgets because the cost fluctuates according to the number of users.

But don't worry! The Medline Workplace has an unlimited number of users and a fixed annual fee system, so the price remains the same whether you have dozens or hundreds of users.

We will return your data sovereignty.

Medline Workplace is a distributed data management chat service, as proposed in the latest Web 3.0. No single company monopolizes the data as is the case with traditional services. All interactions within the Workplace that you sign up for belong to your organization. It is encrypted and stored securely on the cloud storage service (Google Drive) that the customer subscribed to.

High-strength security as standard

Medline Workplace is designed for the exchange of sensitive medical information in the medical field. It is equipped with standard data encryption and biometric authentication (two-factor authentication) and can be used as long as the smartphone is compatible with these security measures. In addition, the server uses a cloud service certified by the "Japanese Government Information System Security Assessment Program (ISMAP)" and boasts a high level of security because sensitive medical information is exchanged.

High-strength security

Thank you for your application.

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